A holistic systems and process architect, who believes in elevating the creative economy so that small business owners like you, can thrive.

Hey, I’m Diana!

I have a Master’s degree in Arts Management and Bachelor’s degrees in Business Management and Music and am equal parts left- and right-brained. (That means I love art and creativity as much as I love details!).

They’re not alone. Did you know that in 2019, 90% of small businesses failed? Not on my watch. Not anymore.

Hi! I'm Diana Wei Fang, Founder and Owner of The Finer Points. Over the years, I have watched my friends fail. Over and over again. We’d sit on the couch and dream up of what we could do to change the world. Come up with business names and who we’d collaborate with. Many brave friends ventured into starting their own businesses, convinced that this is why they were placed on planet Earth to do. The same friends, one year later, would invite me over to sit on that same couch again, and tearfully tell me they were considering closing their business.

One of the things I’m often asked is "Why systems?"

Let’s work together

I have worked with creatives my entire adult life. 

Whatever your needs, my hope is that I can give you a sense of relief; a deep breath so you can go back to doing what you know you’re here on this planet to do.

I’ve got you.

Short answer?

Weighted Blanket

Can't Live Without

Instagram Animals

Celebrity Obsession

Seeing You Thrive

Passionate About


Favorite Broadway Show


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 Trivia Nights

Current Hobby

Coffee in bed

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the Quiz

My foundation is built upon strong community

I am about straight talk and playing the long game.

I'm not about shortcuts or band-aid fixes.

I double majored in Business Management & Music and have a dream of being a producer one day.

I grew up in NYC, DC, LA, and Hong Kong - a total city girl. Learning how to get along with nature

5 fun facts


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