90% of small businesses failed in 2019. Defy the odds. You have the vision inside of you. You have the ideas and the creativity to make it happen. You just need the systems and support to make it happen.


You've been running this business on your own for so long, you don't even know where to start. Just thinking about the word "system", gives you hives. You've already made it this far, why do you need a system now? According to fast company, 70% of all business owners and CEO's work time is wasted because it's not streamlined.

Your lack of systems and processes are preventing you from scaling.

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Together, we can get you back to what you love.

And build a solid foundation so you can have impact for years to come with me by your side. 

Commit to Change.
Commit to Your Dream.

I can help you create automated business systems that will save you time so that you can focus on what’s most important in your business. Running your small business is a marathon, and showing up with support and guidance will help you attain the results you’ve always hoped for. 

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I’m here to play the long game.

A holistic systems and process architect, who believes in elevating the creative economy so that small business owners like you, can thrive.

I help entrepreneurs, like you, succeed by setting up your business foundations and adopt a mindset that enables you to defy the odds.

No small business is alike. Any of my services can be customized to best suit your business needs. Whether you need a full set up, calendar session, automations, or strategy/training, I’ll create a custom package just for you.


Defy The Odds

The Finer Points is a Washington, DC based boutique firm. We focus on your systems, impact, and breakthrough. In our lifetime, we aim to see the 90% annual fail rate decrease so that your business will have long-lasting, systemic change.

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Little to no confidence in your HoneyBook account? As a certified HoneyBook Pro, I will help you transform your business into a effective system that supports your dreams so that you can convert your leads to sales.


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Your dreams are fizzling out, your work life is faltering, and your family life is filled with guilt. These things happen when you aren't intentional with your time, goals, and your calendar. It's time for a breakthrough.

Systems & Processes

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Whatever you think of when you hear the word "systems", I will change the minds and hearts of your audience with my story and expertise. Book Diana to speak at your next event, workshop, or podcast!


- Heather T.

Working with Diana was fantastic. She was part business coach, part therapist and part angel who helped me set up the back-end of my business to help me be efficient and handle the inquiries coming in. She is a Honeybook rock star who was patient with me and an excellent communicator helping me understand how to use the platform that she and her team set up for me.

- Josh H.

Thank you so much for all your help streamlining my Honeybook account. I have no doubt that the many workflows you created will make my business more efficient, saving me time and earning a little extra dough too. I have never been more prepared for a new season thanks to your talents with organizing, optimizing, and wow these brochures look amazing!! Thanks so much Diana!

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