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No small business is alike. Any of my services can be customized to best suit your business needs. Whether you need a full set up, calendar session, automations, or strategy/training, I’ll create a custom package just for you.

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Feeling like a lone island trying to achieve your dreams on your own?

Starting your own business is both terrifying, exhilarating and freeing, all at the same time. I'm grateful for the chance to be serving you in this capacity, cheering you on as loud as I possibly can, with as many gifs as I can find. Whether I’m helping with your social media marketing, editing your book or managing your online community, I’m in this for the long-game with you. My goal is to help you always succeed—not just in the moment or for the current project. Thanks for trusting me with your hopes, dreams and fears!

Do you feel like you waste precious business hours trying to get organized?

According to Fast Company, 70% of all business owners and CEO’s work time is wasted because it’s not streamlined. I can help you create automated business systems using HoneyBook, a CRM that will save you time so that you can focus on what’s most important in your business. 

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Struggling to balance fostering your online community with the rest of your work?

When it comes to providing a safe space for your people and feeling known and loved on the internet, online communities are a unique space to provide that connection in a world that’s so lonely. (Powerful connections like these doesn’t always have to be in person!) I’ve moderated big and small online communities, including The Rising Tide’s 80K+ Facebook group and The Virtual Savvy’s 50K+ group.

Need a fresh pair of eyes to look over your work?

Whether you’re writing a book, a guide or an online course, you’ve probably spent a long time reading (and re-reading) your work. As someone who hasn’t been in it as much as you have, I can offer an objective opinion and provide new perspectives. If you want the right balance of presenting your content in a way that everyone understands, while keeping your personality, I’m the editor for you.

Too many things on your to do list to focus on your system?

Between doing inventory, writing a blog post and scheduling your next newsletter, your to-do list is a million items long. But what could you accomplish if I streamlined your system in a way that works alongside you? 

Spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to stop writing every email from scratch?

I get it! Creating a system takes work and time that is already lacking. But investing the time now with me by your side, will pay off in the future. According to Fast Company, businesses that are streamlined gain back 70% of their time. BONUS: Statistically, 79% of all leads are converted if you have a system in place (Salesforce data). 

I'm here to play the long-game, provide the support you need, and dream along-side you.

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Photo by: Allison Lee Photography

Photo by: Allison Lee Photography

Photo by: Allison Lee Photography.

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1:1 Consultation
Automation Setup + Configuration
Full HoneyBook Systems Audit
Branding Setup
Contact Forms
Email Integration
Scheduling/Calendar Setup
Brochures + Questionnaires Design + Setup
*Team Trainings available upon request

HoneyBook Setup

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"Meant To Thrive" is a done-with-you HoneyBook monthly membership program. Have someone with you to navigate all that HoneyBook offers. Includes:

Weekly Group Zoom Calls, Tuesdays @ 2pm EST
Private Facebook Group
Recorded Zoom Calls
Unique community of small business owners

*annual plan available for further discounts

Meant To Thrive

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