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Defying the Odds – Independent Business Podcast

I’m so grateful that I was invited to speak with Natalie Franke, the host of the Independent Business Podcast, about what “Defying the Odds” means to me. (Listen to the whole episode HERE)

When starting a small business, the odds seem stacked against us. Did you know that in 2019, 90% of small businesses faced failure? It’s a familiar narrative, one that unfortunately creates fear and hesitation in the hearts of many new business owners. But what if we could challenge these odds? What if success was not some elusive dream but a tangible reality waiting to be embraced?

I am on a mission to shift this narrative. The core of my philosophy lies in defying the odds. I acknowledge that fear of failure all too often overshadows the decision to pursue one’s dreams.

Courage, bravery, grit, resistance, joy, and love—these are the ingredients I believe are essential for defying the odds. Drawing from personal experiences and stories within my community, I encourage individuals to embrace the possibility of success. Dreams, as I see them, are not meant to be stifled by fear but fueled by the determination to overcome challenges.

In this episode, we dove into the systemic challenges independent businesses often face. A big question I ask is whether business owners are equipped to handle success when it comes knocking. There’s a big disparity between acquiring clients and having the infrastructure to sustain and serve them effectively. The root of many business challenges (and failures) often lies in the absence of their systems.

We’ve been talking about failure… but have you ever thought about the challenges that success brings? Success, when not managed effectively, can lead to burnout. The very thing you once loved doing could become a source of exhaustion, turning a dream into a 24/7 commitment. Success, without the right systems, can be as daunting as failure.

My question to you is – if given 1000 paying clients today, could your business sustain and deliver to each one?

Another interesting topic we discussed is decision fatigue. Business owners are juggling multiple roles and responsibilities, make countless decisions throughout the day which can eventually lead to burnout. But the pre-decisions made by effective systems work to reduce the mental load on business owners.

Having systems does not mean sacrificing creativity or the magic that makes you, you. It actually paves the way for more brain space.

We talked more about the client journey and why it’s SO important to know what your client journey is. Many entrepreneurs struggle to articulate what comes next in their client journey.

A well-structured system automates processes, sending questionnaires, booking calls, and guiding clients effortlessly. It’s not just about acquiring clients; it’s about delivering a consistent and exceptional experience that turns clients into brand evangelists.

Creating systems, leveraging technology, and embracing automation can enhance your humanity rather than diminish it. Instead of fearing change, it’s about adopting an attitude that embraces it.

As the episode unfolds, the theme of defying the odds takes center stage! WARNING – you will hear my passion for empowering entrepreneurs to build resilient systems.

You’re gonna wanna listen to the full episode HERE!

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Important sections of the conversation:

  • [3:29] Deciding to defy the odds
  • [11:15] Why systems are the foundation of business
  • [23:14] Do systems remove personalization from your business?
  • [29:10] The mindset shifts all independent business owners need to make

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