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What I learned in 2020

It’s good to be alive. 2020 was a rollercoaster, but I learned to find and create joy this year. I had the best teachers – friends like family, tiny humans who convince you to make forts on forts on forts, grief, walks on the Mall, road trips, allergic reactions, COVID, and movie nights. Every moment with others was not to be wasted.

As I sit and reflect on this year, I’m struck by the resiliency of humans. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m disappointed with parts of this year, but also grateful for the lessons that came on the other side.

I learned how to use my voice.
I learned how to make a fort with tiny baby blankets.
I learned how to use an oximeter and have a new baseline for what constitutes as a medical emergency.
I learned and am still learning how to “get it right” rather than to “be right”.
I learned that sourdough starters are not for me.
I learned to say “yes”, even if I’m not ready.
I learned… and am still learning to let my body recuperate however it needs to and be okay with it.
I learned the art of physical gifts.
I learned (again) that being alive, is a gift, and no matter what happens, I’m alive. It is well.

Photo of me in Sawyer’s (5) fort, one of many joys from this year.

Diana is wearing a green sweater under a fort. The top sheets of the fort are draped because she is too tall for the fort.

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