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Automating & Scaling Your Biz with Systems

Last September, I took part in Lashonda Brown’s livestream on her show Bootstrap Biz Advice, to talk about all things systems, answering questions and personalizing the experience to our live audience. Thanks to HoneyBook for sponsoring our talk!

A system, by definition, is just how parts of a whole work together. Ideally, everyone should start their business with a system, but that isn’t everyone’s instinct. Some people struggle with the organization side, and need some help getting that up and running smoothly. It’s never too late to get that help! The transitions can be difficult, and they never really end, but it all works better in the long run.

Scaling is another fear a lot of small business owners can have. Scaling means more responsibility, more people to explain things to, and more places for things to clash, but it also means growth. A good system can help smooth those issues out, so another cog in the machine fits in seamlessly.

Technology can be incredibly helpful, and incredibly confusing. There’s no shame in needing to collaborate and learn the ropes: that’s what people like Lashonda and I are here for. A system like HoneyBook does not take away from the creativity, originality, and personal control of your business. Automated emails don’t make your business soulless, they give you the time and energy to focus on what really needs your personal attention.

If you want to hear about all of this and more in depth, check out Lashonda’s YouTube!

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