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Unlocking Success with Systems

I’m grateful to have recently been invited as a guest on the Permission Slip Podcast! On this episode, I was excited to be able to dive into the world of systems with Sally and Erika and I can’t wait to hear your takeaways. If you’re an entrepreneur desperately seeking efficiency and looking to streamline your business processes, this episode is a must-listen.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with both hosts (Sally Z and Erika Biddix) to help fine-tune their operations so you’ll hear us chat a little bit about our collab together and what it’s meant for their businesses.


They asked me about my definition of what the word system really means. I want you to think of your clients first and foremost, and I want you to build your business around them because that’s what you’re serving. To me, systems are the backbone of a business. It’s the very thing in which your business runs on and operates on. It is the gears and the inner workings behind it. It’s all the intricacies of it. Automated emails, invoices, contracts, and schedulers. I want you to think of your clients first and foremost, and I want you to build your business around them because that’s who you’re serving. But it’s so important to tailor systems to individual lifestyles, really understanding that every entrepreneur is unique. It’s not one size fits all, people!

Another important detail we talked about was how to break down overwhelming goals into manageable tasks. Incremental progress is still progress. Aligning our daily actions with larger goals is so important in preventing burnout and fostering real sustainable growth. Our daily actions have a pivotal role in shaping our lives and businesses. It is a challenge balancing our vision with the day-to-day reality. It’s not always a cake walk!

In the episode, I outlined some of the advantages of implementing systems, sharing statistics on lead conversion rates, the impact of welcome emails, and time-saving benefits. Systems have a transformative power in preventing missed opportunities and fostering business growth.

Businesses evolve. We get that. But I encourage you to not fear refining or changing your systems. It’s okay to embrace the unknown and adapt your systems to accommodate growth, making sure they align with future business needs.

A few indicators that may signal a need to reevaluate systems could be you’re feeling overwhelmed, manually reverting to old methods, or encountering resistance. It’s crucial to recognize when a system needs adjustment and make the needed changes!

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