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Solo Con 2023

I spoke at last year’s SoloCon, talking about the human need for help and instinct to avoid it.

I’ve had migraines for pretty much my entire life, and gone to various masseuses to help ease them. My current masseuse is incredibly talented, a master of her craft, but her service didn’t seem any more effective than the cheaper massages I’d gotten in the past, until she pointed something out: I was fighting her help. I subconsciously tensed against what was supposed to help me relax.

Plenty of small business owners feel resistant to the change that comes with establishing a good system. We think we know exactly what we need, and we become so accustomed to pain we forget what things can be life. The idea of the unknown, however nice, can be terrifying.

But when you stick with an unnecessarily painful system only you can understand, you stunt your future. Growth requires change.

HoneyBook can help with this. It can automate responses to clients, organize your services, just make things a little easier for you. It’s a change, but one that is well worth it.

I would not be here today without the courage to ask for help and make some really big changes. You can make one of those changes today, with 50% off of your first year of HoneyBook. Make the choice, and make the change.

See the full talk here!

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