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How Systems Support Your Success

Over on LinkedIn live, Jenn Whitmer and I had a great talk on the importance of efficient systems. We started by discussing why I founded The Finer Points in the first place: the number of failing small businesses was and is staggeringly high, and I knew I could help change that. I started consulting and advising people on their businesses, and then helping them set up, and then educating others on how to do the same.

A system goes far beyond just what a computer does. It’s a method of doing things, a set of routines, anything that connects things together to make it all work smoothly. When a CEO has a system in place, 79% of your time is gained back. 79%! Systems can simplify things, and take the burden of constant decisions off your shoulders with pre-planning.

It all comes back to your system. There is no perfect version, and it’s always going to be changing, and that’s not a bad thing. That’s just part of the game. As you and your business grow, your system will have to as well. Try things out, adapt, find what works better instead of best.

To hear Jenn and I go more in depth on all of this, check out the full talk!

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